October 20, 2009

Syscan-ID Livetrack RFID Wand Reader





Syscan-ID Livetrack RFID Wand Reader


Used by cattlemen to read RFID cattle ear tags. These tags are usually HDX or FDX-B ear tags, from Allflex, Destron, Y-Tex and so on.

imageThe Livetrack reader with Bluetooth has a communication range of over 300 feet to a laptop, PC, Scale head, or printer.

The Livetrack RFID Wand reader easily interfaces with all popular cattle management software's such as Cattlemax,  and Ranch Manager, just to name a few.

We also carry “RFID Wand Reader Kits”, ready to use solutions. Rugged, reliable and ready when you are.

Livetrack-Cattemax, and Livetrack-Ranch Manager.

Kits come in a hard carry case, preset to be used with the software. Cattlemax or Ranch Manager software is also included.

The reader is also compatible with most weight scale indicators, such as Reliable Scales, Tru-test, Gallagher, and many others.

Livetrack V3 Firmware Loader
One of the unique features of the Livetrack reader, is it’s firmware update software.

Very easy to use interface, to update the reader with the current firmware.

Livetrack RFID reader: “Print function”
The Livetrack reader, has another unique feature, called the “Print Function” in the menu of the reader.

With the reader connected to the Livetrack mobile printer, it can print the template as seen on the left. The print out prints the tag EID’s along with date and time stamp, and convenient space to write additional info such as site #, and a signature as a hard copy.

We also carry this as a kit, called the Livetrack LPK, which includes, Livetrack reader (Bluetooth), rugged mobile 3” printer (Bluetooth) and hard carry case.

We can also create custom “Ready to Use” RFID kits, please contact us for more details. www.animalidsystems.com

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