December 17, 2009

70% Rebate on RFID Readers for Saskatchewan Cattle Producers.

We would like to send a reminder to all our customers in Saskatchewan, the the 70% rebate program is in effect on all readers, scales, software, and  accessories related to RFID Cattle traceability.


You may view our line of RFID wand readers, scales, software, and accessories at our online store. Animal ID Systems.

For further information and applications on the 70% rebate to the producer program in Saskatchewan, please contact us at

sku_5859_5 We carry products from Syscan-ID, Agrident, Reliable Scales, Cattlemax, Psion Teklogix, Motorola. We also carry important supplies like battery packs, Cigarette lighter adapters, USB to Serial adapters and much more. 
B2B_Product_MC35_MD_US-ENCattleMax CS Commercial CattleIMG_2621


We can also create custom RFID kits, consisting of RFID wand reader, software, mobile hand held's, scale indicator, and weigh bars.

Contact us for further details on our kits.


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